The Directorate General heads the organizational structure and is the decision-making and coordination among the five substantive areas with whom attachment to the Mission, Vision and Goals institutional perform the following functions: 

Medical Directorate 
Giving outpatient, hospital care and emergency services to the population requiring medical care in the area of specialization in respiratory illnesses, the limit of its installed capacity and establish rules and procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic medical care at the Institute . 
To advise on issues related to the care of respiratory diseases at the various areas of the Institute as well as specialized centers for research, education or medical care of the states and, generally, to any public health, according to established policies in this regard and with the authorization of the Directorate-General. 
To support the provision of health care services, preferably to the population that is not on any social security scheme. 

Investigation Direction 
Beginning with its decentralization in the 80s, opens the practice of research as a systematic activity that is closely related to training and medical care. 
In the 90s the INER has established itself as a center of research excellence. His productivity in the area of the respiratory system is the most important in Mexico and Latin America. 
Its functions are to increase the wealth of scientific and technical knowledge to contribute to the understanding of the physiological and pathological processes of the respiratory system. Original standards and measures that can be used for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Disseminate their findings and establish mechanisms for discussing them. Contribute to the improvement of academic undergraduate and graduate students. 

Directorate for Education 
Since its creation, teaching activities have been the linchpin of the development of the INER, here are formed the majority of Thoracic Surgeons Pulmonologists and Mexico, and a group of Latin American specialists. 
At the end of the sixties, the National Autonomous University of Mexico conducted the regularization of medical specialties in Postgraduate Medicine, with academic programs and profiles of modern competition clear. 

Directorate for Administration 
Its objectives are supported in their actions to substantive areas, monitoring and control of the assets and financial, staffing and human resource development, procurement of material resources and operational support services. 

Directorate of Strategic Planning and Organizational Development 
Establishes and disseminates standards for the internal process of planning, programming, budgeting, evaluation, upgrading administrative, budgetary control and cost analysis of the Institute, in accordance with the provisions issued in this matter by the relevant authorities. 
Raise the Pre-General to the director of operational programs and the annual budget with the aim of aligning its results for the achievement of the Millennium Institute. 

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